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1. What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate system on our store is a professional affiliate system. We offer a commission rate of 3 percent on all sales of traffic from your site(s). Just click on the sign up link on the left to start.

2. How do I join to the affiliate program?

We provide an affiliate program with a commission of 3 percent of the total order each sale (before shipping). You can learn more about our affiliate program in affiliate overview page

3. I have no place to put a banner, how can I refer the products to others?

Our ZPRZ Affiliate program provides you the email to friends feature. You can send the products to your friends by email. If they click on the product links in email to go to our web-shop, they will become your members. You will then receive the commissions when they buy our products.

4. How do I send the products to my friends by email?

First you need to join our affiliate program (go to My Programs), click on the program to see all products in this program, and then select products for sending. Once you have added products, go to My Selected Products and click Email to friends.

Or you can go to the product page. Then click into Email to a Friend link.

5. How can I send products to several friends?

Our Affiliate program provides you with the tools for managing your friends and friend groups, importing friends from CSV file, importing friends from Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Please go to Manage Contact List area to see more.