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Plastic Zippers - Finished Lengths

Plastic Zippers - Finished Lengths

Plastic Molded Teeth Zippers

in Finished Lengths

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Plastic refers to the teeth composition and is available in a variety of finishes and on various tapes. Teeth start as a liquid are molded onto the zipper tape’s corded edge. The slider is specially engineered to work with the corresponding teeth. A variety of pulls are available to attach to the slider for utilitarian and decorative use.

Classic Plastic Series are a sporting and casual garment staple. The Classics are stocked in solid colors with a standard pull. Sizing includes:

               #3 - Classic Teeth – (4 mm across)

              #5 - Classic Plus Teeth – (5 mm across)

              #8 - Super Classic Teeth – (7 mm across)

                    #10 - Mega Classic Teeth – (8 mm across)

Reflective Plastic Series features glow-in-the-dark teeth, pulls and reflective tapes. Stock selections include:

              #5 –Teeth – (5 mm across) – on Reflective Stitch Tape

                     #5 - Teeth – (5 mm across) – on a Reflective Stripe Tape           

                     #5 - Glow-in-the-Dark Teeth – (5 mm across) – on Polyester Tape        

Specialty Plastic Series features printed teeth, stripe tapes, duo and quad color zippers. Stock selections include:

             #5 – Rainbow Print Teeth – (5 mm across) – on Polyester Tape

            #5 – Teeth – (5 mm across) – on Ombre Stripe Tape

            #5 – Teeth – (5 mm across) – in 2 and 4 Color Combinations

Mirror Plastic Series features a metallic-look mirror finish in gold, silver or rainbow on the teeth. Stock selections include:

             #5 - Teeth – (5 mm across) – on Polyester Tape

                    #5 - Teeth – (5 mm across) – on Metallic Lamé Tape           

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