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Sewing & Workroom Supplies

Sewing & Workroom Supplies

Sewing Supplies

Workroom Necessities

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Staple items in stock for quick delivery.

        Polyester Cone Thread – 3 weights in black and white

            Cotton Cone Thread – 2 weights in white prepared-for-dye

            Dress Hooks ‘n Eyes – sides sold separately, 2 sizes, nickel and black

            Skirt/Pant Hooks ‘n Eyes – sides sold separately, nickel and black

            Safety Pins – 2 sizes brass, 2 sizes nickel

            Pre-printed Labels and Stickers – size, content and care tags for merchandise

            Thread Clipper – handy for notching and snipping

            Tape Measure – fiberglass in inches and centimeters

            Tagging Guns – standard and fine, tag garments or baste quilts

            Tagging Fasteners – standard and fine

            Tagging Hooks – for use in standard tagging gun

            Loop Pins – loop lock to secure merchandise

            Sealing Tape – clear, seal boxes and repair torn patterns

            Garment Hangers – clear plastic with and without clips

            Shirt Bags – clear plastic in 5 sizes to protect folded merchandise

For a quote on large quantities or custom orders, please contact us.