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Metal Teeth Zippers

in Finished Lengths
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Metal refers to the teeth composition and is available in a variety of finishes and on various tapes. Teeth are shaped from aluminum or brass and clamped on to a zipper tape’s corded edge in even intervals. The slider is specially engineered to work with the corresponding teeth. A variety of pulls are available to attach to the slider for utilitarian and decorative use.

Classic Series meets or exceeds the USA industry standard finish – buffed to remove burrs. Sizing includes:

  • #3 - Classic Teeth – (4.5 mm across)
  • #4 - Classic Jeans Teeth – (5 mm across)
  • #5 - Classic Plus Teeth – (6 mm across)
  • #8 - Heavy Classic Teeth – (8 mm across)
  • #10 - X-Heavy Classic Teeth – (9 mm across)

Euro-inspired Series features teeth subjected to an extensive polishing regiment that removes sharp edges and leaves a smooth sheen. A shiny coating is applied to some finishes for extra brilliance. Sizing includes:

  • #1 - Tiny Teeth - (3.5 mm cross)
  • #2 - Tiny Teeth - (4 mm cross)
  • #3 - Petite Teeth – (4.5 mm across)
  • #5 - Moyenne Teeth – (6 mm across)
  • #15 - Énorme Teeth – (13 mm across)

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